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Behavioral Wellness Safety Stand Down  (UPDATED 4-22-2020)

As first responders (firefighters, lifeguards, EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers along with
administrative staff) we uphold to a high level of commitment and dedication to our work.
This pandemic is placing extraordinary demands in adapting to rapidly shifting policies,
changes in our culture at work, home and maintaining personal resilience.


Please take this time to STOP and focus on you, each other and your families.

Watch these two videos


Please review this message from IMT Focus Clinician Dr. Bond:

Things are continuously changing. This is a reminder to believe in yourself, that you will get

through this season. Period. No matter how hard things get, you are strong enough to strive and

thrive through this. Think of the times in your life when you faced adversity and how you powered

through it. You’ve got this! Beneficial personal activities you and your family can participate in that

can help accomplish this effort include:

  • Stay mindful, which is self-regulation in the moment with an attitude of curiosity, openness,and acceptance

  • Recognize that everyone manages stress in different ways. Be patient with each other

  • Increase positive communication with family members, friends and crew

  • Regular exercise, walking your dog, ensuring to follow county/state guidelines

  • Healthy eating and drinking plenty of water

    • Find new and interesting recipes to try

  • Minimize alcohol intake

    • Alcohol is a depressant and is never a good long-term stand-alone coping technique

  • Establish and maintain a routine and schedule for adults and children

    • Going to bed, waking up at the same time, chores, schoolwork, and projects

  • Seek humor; memes, jokes, sitcoms, Netflix, Google, YouTube

    • Americans are amazingly creative

  • Think and act upon what you CAN do in this current situation


Focus is here to support you and your families during this Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We

encourage you to visit the Focus website at You will find information

and resources to assist you. To schedule a teletherapy session, follow the prompts on the website or

call 858-565-0066.


AMR has provided a big update of Work Comp and Health Care Plan mental health helpful tip documents to assist you and your family as you navigate through the difficulties of Quarantine. 

Please take a moment and review these with your crew and your families.

If you need more information, please feel free to reach out to

Nicole Semar, HR. Manager. Nicole Semar:

FOCUS and PEER Support Page

NOTE: In-addition to the information bellow, FOCUS Service and Peer Support is available to all AMR employees.

For more information CLICK HERE 


GMR Caregiver Well Being (STRESS MANAGEMENT) Web Page (UPDATED 3-29-2020)

AMR has added a special section to Their Caregiver Well-Being web page: Tools for COVID-19 Stress Management. There are resources specifically for providers as well as general tips for individuals and families. Resources include:

Dealing with Stress Management (webinar April 2 or 9)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide

Emergency Responder Crisis Text Line - Text BADGE to 741741 to chat with a trained crisis counselor

That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

Resources to Help Parents Talk with Children

AMR HR-Mental Health Tips Documents

Optum_COVID-19 Mental health tips during a quarantine  CLICK HERE

Optum_COVID-19 Tips to help children during a quarantine CLICK HERE

Optum_COVID-19 Tips to help older adults during a quarantine  CLICK HERE

UHC_COVID-19 Mental health tips during a quarantine  CLICK HERE

UHC_COVID-19 Tips to help children during a quarantine  CLICK HERE

UHC_COVID-19 Tips to help older adults during a quarantine  CLICK HERE

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