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AMR Management has partnered with Focus Psychological Services, to provide much need support to our members. Focus services are open to all current AMR employees in San Diego County and their immediate family members.


Their services are completely confidential and specifically geared toward the needs of the First Responder Community.


For more information on Focus Psychological Services, or to set up an appointment for support,


Please visit their web site at or give them a call at 858-565-0066.

They’ll ask, but make sure you tell them you work for AMR.




Employee Mental Wellness Initiatives


Other Services such as the PEER SUPPORT TEAM and (EAP) EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM are available for our employees. Please download the attached flyer for more information. More information to follow.  

Employee Mental Wellness Initiatives Flyer CLICK HERE


AMR Peer Support Team

AMR has partnered with SDFD to provide a Peer Support Team for our employees. This team is made up of your coworkers who regularly attend specific Critical Incident Stress Management and Peer Support certification courses and training.

This team is lead by Field Supervisor Richard Goulet

For a list of Available PEER Team Members CLICK HERE


(EAP) Employee Assistance Program

AMR provides up to 10 counseling sessions with various types of counselors through our pre-existing EAP Provider, Morneau Shepell. They recently added some counselors to their roster who do specialize in Trauma and First Responders, but they also work with issues like Family/Marriage Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Financial Counseling and much more.


To learn more about their services, or to request counseling, please visit or call 1-800-272-2727.

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