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CLICK HERE for Post Move Audit Form

Post Move Audit Form

SDAPP has developed an easy to fill out Post Move Audit Form to help us collect data on unit post moves.  There are many reasons for this form that are explained below and many posts this week. For now, please know that all of the data you submit is dropped into a spreadsheet that we will share with management to help us mitigate current issues with our post moves and posting plan and working conditions.  Look for more details in the many posts on this subject this week.


Night Time Post Move and BLS Ambulance Availability Data


Beginning Sunday March 1st, SDAPP will ask that all units that post from 2200 – 0600 each night access our form and take the 20 secs it takes to complete and give us the data we need to improve and protect our working conditions.   


Also impacting our working conditions at night are the number of ALS vs. BLS float units that are available during your moves.  In addition to Date/Time, Unit, Post Location, are the number of calls on the board (at night) and the number of BLS units available (day or night) when you are post moved.


To support the data asked for above, we have also given you a NOTES section in the form to allow you to add comments and important information about your post move.


Day/Night Post Move Data


Another issue we are hearing from the workforce is the number of complaints we receive regarding unfair or inappropriate post moves between the different System Status Controllers. This can include time of day, locations, other unit status, etc..


Complaints Require an Email

REMEMBER: if you are filing a complaint, we need an email from you with more specifics that we will match up to this form. Please send that email to

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