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COVID-19 DICO (Designated Infectious Control Officer) Page (Updated 05.18.2020)

The AMR Designated Infectious Control Officer (DICO) serves as a liaison between members/employees who have sustained exposures to communicable diseases and the medical facilities to which source patients involved in those exposures have been transported. 

The AMR DICO for the COVID-19 Incident is Don Sullivan, Clinical Manager of AMR San Diego.

Don Sullivan:

To report an Exposure Report, please send them to: AMRDICO_SANDIEGO@AMR.NET


NEW DICO Updates 05-18-2020

DICO Frequently Asked Questions

Incidents provided with Examples of calls. To view CLICK HERE

EPCR Documentation of PPE Used on a Call

  • StreetEMS now requires PPE level to be documented for all providers, drop-downs are located in the “3 dots” button


Lessons Learned Document

The IMT has released some incidents where AMR crews were not in appropriate PPE on calls. Please review this and learn from it. To view this document  CLICK HERE


Updated list of COVID-19 symptoms per the CDC: 04.28.2020

symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus, added symptoms are highlighted.


  • Fever Cough

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Chills

  • Repeated shaking with chills

  • Muscle Pain

  • Headache

  • Sore Throat

  • New loss of taste or smell

New SDFD Isolation Guidelines Complete 04.16.2020

Please refer to this very informative guide on COVID-19 exposure and Isolation.  AMR employees remember to contact the duty supervisor and the DICO Team for direction on shift removal and testing followup.

Download the Isolation Guidlines

SDFD Isolation Guideline Complete 04.16.2020 CLICK HERE

California Health Advisory Update #11: Corona virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  • COVID-19  Infectious Potential Report

  • Patients with COVID-19 are considered infectious 48 hours prior to symptom onset as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • CDC Community Spread Report

Download the CAHAN-Alert

To view the Californai Heath Advisory Alert CLICK HERE

GMR Emerging Infectious Diseases Web Page Update 

  • COVID-19 Pay Reference Guide

    • Exposure Definitions

    • Contact Definitions

    • The Centers for Disease Control, local Public Health Departments and community protocols

Download the Daily Operational Update

GMR Emerging Infectious Diseases Web Page Update CLICK HERE

Expiring EMT/Paramedic/CPR/ACLS Certifications

  • Governor of the State of California issued an Executive Order N-39-20

  • All EMS personnel (EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic) with licenses or certifications (or local accreditation) expiring in March, April, or June of 2020 shall have their license or certification expiration dates extended until July 31, 2020.

Download the Daily Operational Update

Expiring EMT/Paramedic/CPR/ACLS Certifications CLICK HERE


AMR/SDFD Employee Health Screening Instructions and Flowchart UPDATED 4-8-2020

Updated Documents: Health Screening Procedures and Flow Chart

  • Changes in your ability to smell or taste” has been added as COVID-19 Symptomology

Please download these procedures and flow chart to your phones 

Health Screening Procedures: CLICK HERE

Health Screening Flow Chart CLICK HERE


AMR/SDFD Employee Home Isolation and Care Instructions UPDATED 4-5-2020

DICO Don Sullivan has Provided an Important Update today, which includes: 

  • High Risk Interventions (Nebulized RX, CPAP, ETI/BVM) (ADDED High Flow 02 via NRB)

  • Finish RX prior to Offload

  • BVM or advanced Airway use

  • Draping the patient to protect the clinicians

  • PPE use on calls

  • Access to resupply of N95/N100 masks is becoming difficult

  • Exposure Reporting

  • SDCo. S-415A (Asses and Refer)

  • Covid 19 tracking

  • Calls Tracked and Results Given Back

  • Testing for providers

  •  Don Sullivan - Personal notes

To Download this Important DICO Update Document CLICK HERE

The state and County have released Hone care and isolation instructions to follow if you (the provider) become sick and need to stay home:

  • Home Isolation Instructions from the SDCo. Lemsis CLICK HERE 


AMR/SDFD Employee Home Isolation and Care Instructions UPDATED 3-31-2020

DICO Updates today include: 

The state and County have released Hone care and isolation instructions to follow if you (the provider) become sick and need to stay home:

  • Home Isolation Instructions from the SDCo. Lemsis CLICK HERE 

  • CA EMSA Home Care Instructions CLICK HERE

How do I know when I am sick? helpful health screening guide:

  • AMR-SDFD Health screening instructions CLICK HERE


AMR/SDFD Employee Health Screening Flow-Chart UPDATED 3-29-2020

A Health Screening Flow Chart has been provided for your education. please refer to it and the following Signs and symptoms of a symptomatic COVID-19 patient.  

Health screenings are conducted by asking the following questions to check for signs or symptoms of respiratory infection and assessing body temperature:

Have you experienced any of the following in the last 24-48 hours?

    • fever

    • cough

    • sore or scratchy throat

    • diarrhea from illness

    • difficulty breathing

    • body aches

  • Body temperature screening

    • greater than 100.0° F or 37.7° C is considered a “positive” screening

To view the AMR/SDFD Employee Health Screening Flow-Chart CLICK HERE


COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms to Identify a Possible Positive COVID-19 Patient 

Patients displaying any or all of the following symptomology shall be considered positive for COVID-19 and all prudent precautions shall be taken and proper documentation shall be completed and submitted.

Covid19 signs and symptoms (One or More of the following Symptoms)

  • Cough (doesn’t have to be productive)

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Fever above 100.0

  • Sore throat

  • Chills

  • Fever and cough are the most common with SOB


CoSD Communicable Disease Exposure Report

The County of San Diego three part Communicable Disease Exposure Report shall be completed after every call that includes a potential exposure to a Communicable Disease. There are a specific set of instructions to complete this report and submit them.  ​

New Procedure for Submitting County Exposure Forms During the COVID-19 Crisis

Instructions for crews are to:

  • Complete and sign the form

  • Take a picture of the form

  • turn in the hard copy to the hospital

  • Email the county exposure form picture to: AMRDICO_SANDIEGO@AMR.NET

  • Important TEXT the supervisor when you have submitted the report

**IMPORTANT** Please include in your email:

  • Crew names

  • patient name and DOB,

  • s/s of the patient

  • **PPE level for the call

**IMPORTANT** It is important to include PPE use in your email, so the DICO knows about PPE use to determine the level of risk exposure and followup procedures to follow.



AMR COVID-19-Daily Crew Temperature Screenings

Beginning Friday March 20th, all on duty employees are required to perform daily temperature screenings with results submitted at the beginning and end of each shift


Each employee will need to report their temperatures twice a shift by using the program link on the IPAD and filling out the following information:

  • Employee ID

  • Name

  • Date

  • Unit Working

  • Start of Shift Temperature

  • End of Shift Temperature

  • Unit of Measure (EOS)

  • Check the box (send me a copy of my responses)

  • Hit the Submit Button


Some IPADS do not have the link on them. Until that is resolved, please use the QR code on the link provided with the IPAD camera to access the form.

AMR-Temperature-Checks-QR-Code-3-20-2020 CLICK HERE

Questions: Let your supervisor know if you have any questions. 


AMR COVID-19-Air and Ground Vehicle Decontamination Procedures

AMR has provided a very detailed set of guidelines for decontaminating our vehicles. Please take the time to review them and ensure you have the supplys to complete this process when you start your shift.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you take the time to review this document as a crew and be intimately familiar with the content of this Guide and have it handy if you should need to refer to it later.

GMR-Air-and-Ground-Vehicle-COVID-19-Decon-3-17-2020 CLICK HERE



UCSD COVID 19 Ambulance Offload Procedures

​UCSD Medical Centers have established a protocol for ambulance offloads at their facilities. They are detailed and include a potential staging of your patient in your ambulance while you await offload instructions. 


UCSD Staging Precautions

In the event that you are staged at their facilities, we have prepared some instructions and precautions for your unit to take while you wait your turn to offload.

UCSD-COVID19-Staging Precautions

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