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SD County EMS Policy S-415A Assess and Refer


The county has introduced a new Policy (SD County EMS Policy S-415A Assess and Refer) which establishes an alternative outcome for COVID-19 Patients.




Training regarding implementation of SD County EMS Policy S-415A Assess and Refer is being loaded on Target Solutions this evening.  It will be assigned to all AMR SD City Ops Bridge EMTs and Paramedics. 


To utilize this policy S-415A:


  • We must leave a copy of the Care at Home instructions with the patient or caregiver. 

  • Please do not use this policy unless one of the responding units can leave a paper copy of the Care at Home instructions. 

**Copies are being made this evening and will be distributed to all units tonight (3-29-2020) and tomorrow (3-30-2020).  SDFD units MAY have copies, so please ask them before leaving these patients at home.


**Remember** S-415A does not give you the right to REFUSE to transport someone. 


If the patient still wants to go after explaining that ambulance transport for COVID-19 evaluation isn’t necessary, based on the patient’s condition, we should transport as we usually would. 


Please maintain your professionalism and always remember to provide excellent customer service.  Asking a patient to stay home is not something that anyone is used to doing, so please tread softly.



Just like cardiac arrests, QA will be conducting a 100% audit on these responses.  Please document carefully and be prepared to be contacted by QA as we learn how best to navigate this new policy.  Be sure to reach out to QA/CES with any questions. 


If you are having trouble logging in to Target Solutions please contact

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