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There is so much going on with the issues presented to us as a result of this COVID-19 Pandemic. To ensure our members are informed, we are going to present ongoing information management via our emails and SDAPP website. 

Please take the time to review these documents. The Guidelines and COVID-19 Safety Alert Document will answer a great many of the common questions everyone is asking.


SDFD EMS has provided a number of bulletins that pertain to this ongoing issue. Please take the time to go through them as a crew and be intimately failure with each of these, so you can protect yourselves and your patients. 

These include:

  • SDFD COVID-19-PPE-Guidelines

  • PPE Compliment, Resupply and Scene Replacement 

  • CDC-PPE-Donning-and-Doffing-Guide

  • SDFD-COVID-19-Safety-Alert-Document 1-22-2020

  • ECDC Dispatch notification and considerations

Please stay tuned, as there will be more documents to follow.


SDFD EMS has provided a very comprehensive set of guidelines for crews to follow, to protect themselves and their patients from contact of COVID-19 Virus.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you take the time to review this document as a crew and be intimately familiar with the content of this Guide and have it handy if you should need to refer to it later.


Document your calls to protect your Rights to Workers Compensation

​IMPORTANT: Please remember to add the words "COVID-19", "suspected COVID-19" or "Ruleout COVID-19" to the Narrative section of your EPCR if you suspect your patient may be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

In the unfortunate event that you should come down with the symptoms of the virus or need to be quarantined, EMS will use this keyword to track down your exposure. 

You may need this connection to those calls to prove your eligibility to Workers Compensation coverage.

SDFD-COVID-19-PPE-Guidelines-3-10-2020 CLICK HERE



PPE Compliment, Resupply and Scene Replacement 

​Currently, we have been directed to exchange (1 for 1) N95 and N100 masks with SDFD units on scene of calls.

REMEMBER: This 1-for-1 exchange of masks is ONLY for calls that involve the use of masks that were used on THAT call.

Check Your Stock Before Going Back In-Service at the Hospital

Unfortunately, some fire units are going to "self-resupply" on their own without your knowledge, so we ask that you diligently check your stock before leaving a hospital for another call.

If you find that you lack enough PPE for each member of your crew to run the next call, remain out of service and contact your duty supervisor to be directed on where to restock.

SDFD PPE Infections Control PPE Photos and Restocking guide 3-10-2020 CLICK HERE


​SDFD EMS has provided an CDC illustrated guide for crews on the proper donning and doffing of their PPE to limit your accidental exposure to contaminants. 

REMEMBER:  You don't get second chances with exposures. So please take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with these procedures.

CDC-PPE-Donning-and-Doffing-Guide-3-10-2020 CLICK HERE

SDFD-COVID-19-Safety-Alert-Document 1-22-2020

Read and Know the Virus So you Can Protect Yourselves and Your Patients

​SDFD provided an early information document on COVID-19. You will be well advised to familiarize yourself with this very informative document.

REMEMBER: Prevention starts with education, take the time and learn about this pandemic and its impacts on our members. 


SDFD-COVID-19-Safety-Alert-1-22-2020 CLICK HERE

ECDC-Medical-Triage-Screening-by-ECDC-and Precaution Notes

​SDFD ECDC has published a document covering CAD instructions and precautions issued on the call types and incidents that reflect the possibility of COVID-19 and Precautions attached to calls that are dispatched.  

IMPORTANT: Please review your CAD notes during all responses and take appropriate measures to protect yourselves and your crews before entering the scene of any suspected  COVID-19 response. 

ECDC-Medical-Triage-Screening-by-ECDC-Call-Types CLICK HERE

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