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**IMPORTANT** DECON Procedures from a high risk exposure (CPR, Ventilation with BVM)  will include:

  • Required Shower 

  • Complete change of uniform and Decon of (Boots, Eyeware) 

    • Washing of exposed Uniforms and PPE

  • Complete wipe down of the equipment used on the call

    • Equipment in the back of the ambulance

    • All surfaces in the back and front of the ambulance

  • Deployment of Vehicle Fogger

  • Completion of the Decon Policy Procedures

A Decon procedure for goggles video is available CLICK HERE

The Decontamination Policies and Recommendations have two sources:

  • AMR COVID-19 DICO  and GMR (AMR) National Policies

  • SDFD COVID-19 Combined (IMT) Incident Management Team DICO Group

NOTE: Please refer to each of the documents for generalized understanding and specific directions. Some cleaning materials may be agency specific, if you have questions, please refer them to AMR DICO Don Sullivan


AMR (DICO) Designated Infectious Control Officer

The AMR Designated Infectious Control Officer (DICO) serves as a liaison between members/employees who have sustained exposures to communicable diseases and the medical facilities to which source patients involved in those exposures have been transported. 

Report all Exposures and Submit all exposure reports to the DICO Group email

The AMR DICO for the COVID-19 Incident is Don Sullivan, Clinical Manager of AMR San Diego.

Done Sullivan:



The COVID-19 DICO Group has published a set of guidelines covering (PPE) Precautions, USE and Decontamination. This document is updated often, so please check back for updates. 

AMR-COVID19-PPE-Decon-Guidelines 03-13-2020 CLICK HERE

SD-City-Fire-COVID19-PPE-Decon-Guidelines 03-18-2020 CLICK HERE

GMR Emerging Infectious Diseases Resource Page 3-29-2020  CLICK HERE


GMR-COVID-19-Air-and-Ground-Vehicle-Decontamination Policy (UPDATE: 3-30-2020)

GMR has published a 16 step process that our units are to follow for Decontamination of Ground Vehicles. Please refer to this document and the cleaning materials in that document for your directions. 

GMR-COVID-19-Air-and-Ground-Vehicle-Decontamination-Policy-3-23-2020 CLICK HERE

(VIDEO)  GMR TRI-JET Fogger Decontamination Process (VIDEO) (UPDATE - 3-28-2020)  CLICK HERE



The COVID-19 DICO Group has published a set of guidelines covering Station Cleaning, this document is updated often, so please check back for updates. 

AMR-COVID19-Station-Cleaning-Guidelines 03-25-2020 CLICK HERE

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